2017.10.07 - "Dress" Project 5

Feminism seems to be a popular topic these days, even though there are lots of people who have done a lot of artwork to stand for woman, it is still not enough. After I watched “The Handmaid’s Tale” produced by MGM, I feel extremely depressed because how women are treated in the future for the story. I really like drama because the background is set up at the “Future”, and it really implies that what we have done for female in current society is not enough. It still happens things are unfair on female, maybe it is not that exaggerated as the drama shows, but to prevent it happens is important. From this aspect, what I do more for my research, I find connection between tennis and feminism. There are always people who are trying to break the boundary to fight for a group. One of the tennis female players, Suzanne Lenglen, who was the first female tennis player to break the rules. She dressed differently, she gave up wearing complicated long dresses, instead, she wore knee-length skirt and short sleeve shirt. Even tough she was called “French slut” for those people who were anti her, she not only became a sign for female tennis player but also stood for herself to all the ladies as a model at that period. Therefore, I want to extend more on the fashion part to stay with the topic, feminism. Also, I will combine the print that I had made to do more design with it.

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