2017.10.26 "Tactile Structure - 4"

On Wednesday, I was thinking on how to do my ten samples based on my research and drawings. According to my independent research, I still like to use repetition as a media to produce the samples. Also, most of the structure color are light brown, gray and yellowish. I am thinking to use a strong color like red to balance my samples. I went to some fabric store to get materials like ribbon, net, and yarn because I want to make the details of the building like checks and stripes. It was pretty time consuming to finish one. I need to hand stitch a lot but I enjoy the process when I am making it because I need to think about how different materials or fabrics work together. I really like that how these sculptures can transfer to a sample and give a complete new look. After we finish the samples, we brought samples back to the Barbican centre. We take picture of each samples with the brutalist architecture to see the contrast in between. I think what I did for this week was pretty succeed but I definitely need to think more bizarre materials that I can use, not just fabrics or knitting materials. Moreover, the techniques that I used are pretty limit, I should have done more experiment on how bizarre materials would work with fabrics or knitting.

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