2017.11.02 “Public Art” “4”

For the final outcome, what I design is the back of my garment. I take element from the structure piece “Fibreglass” made by Paul Mount to construct it. I really consider about what shapes or details that I should merge into my fashion piece, and I find out it is interesting how curve and straight line form together to make an abstract shape. When I make the pattern of each shape, I need to think about how these shapes connect it for the function part. For the fabric, I choose black fabric with different texture because I want each part to be distinguished. Also, the fabric are in different shades of black such as plead and wool. On Thursday, We continue developing our garment and doing some drawing. Then, we do the small exhibition. I get some feedback that is I need to think more about the silhouette with my research on the body. I think I set myself in a boundary because what I have done is pretty flat on the back part. I think I need to consider the whole structure of my design instead of just focusing on one part narrowly.

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