2017.10.30 “Public Art” “3”

I was sick on that day, but I did more research and drawing on that day at home. First of all, I really one of the public arts called “Fibreglass” made by Paul Mount. The frieze that he made was obviously stunning because of the three dimensional geometric shapes, and that makes me to think about how I can merge these shapes into my fashion. I think these sculpture are less urbane, it shows simplicity of these nice geometries. Also, because the friezes were made by modular abstract geometric forms, it creates a huge shadow wall. I really like that because each friezes shows different shapes and shades that I can really play or do experiment on the human body. Afterwards, I looked at my brief design on Monday, I think I really want to focus on the back part of the garment. To myself, the back is extremely important to a garment, so I want to focus on more structure details on the back. Then, I do some research on the fashion piece to see how designers construct the back of the garments, and I have a thought about doing the back first instead of starting with the front. All the existing pieces that have amazing back structure or details convince me to do it because I think it will be more interesting, and maybe it will be also a challenge to me.

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