2017.10.30 “Public Art” “2”

It is a pretty tough day today, we have done so much work such as drawing, shape manipulating to develop our work. Mostly, what I really like today is that we use paper to cut out three shapes and construct it on the body. We are told to close the seam between each shapes as much as we can. Under that condition, it really helps me to think about how each shapes can connect to each other to form a new silhouette just like a sculpture. From the closed 3D shape that I have constructed today, I find out there are some transitions to work on a body. There are three different angles to look at the paper garment, and I can always think about how to put three shapes in different ways to construct. What I have done is coming out like a bizarre top, it looks totally different for each sides so that I can analyse the silhouette from each sides. However, what I didn’t like it was that there were still seams not closing up, and it was a little bit disturbing. The process that I had done really gave me a thought about how two dimensional shapes could become a three dimensional garment construction. Also, I think that sometimes to work with simple shapes is better than complicated one. In addition, one of the public arts in Kazakhstan named “The very many” by Marc Fornes really attracts me to look at it because those curves in the sculpture is stunning. Although the sculpture is pretty odd, and there are holes and column connecting to each other, I can see the fashion element from it because each angles seems like an individual part that I can deconstruct and reconstruct on the body.

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