In next week, we are starting a new fashion project that bases on public art. On the weekend, I visited some places that have public art, I found out it was really interesting because each sculpture has so much details to look it. Also, different angles of these sculpture gives different silhouette. For some of the sculptures, I even spent more time to observe it because the shadow and the shade of it is different. For example, the large sculpture “Fulcrum” that made by American artist Richard Serra shows a great silhouette to me. I observed it, and it was consisted by five large pieces steel. The sculpture was large that I needed to stand on step to analyze it, although the steels are all rectangle, when I looked it at one side, it showed different shapes like triangle and trapezoid. I think that will be a great aspect to do with fashion because it is great to look at a piece that can consist different shape. After I did some research on what I was into, I think on a garment, there will be more possibilities than just an normal way like two dimensional. Maybe it is more diverting to do it in a three dimensional way like a sculpture.

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