2017.09.25 "Jacket" Project

Starting a day with chaotic, I bought a bomber jacket instead of suit jacket, but that's actually fine with my project. I would like to say the jacket that I bought is "Utility", "Well-constructed", "Comfortable", and "Warm". Well, it is warm because it is unisex, too. I think this is a men army jacket at first, but it is actually design for all gender which immediately makes me to think about gender equality. To give this jacket a good observation, we start doing some technical drawing including the details on it. It's hard to catch every single small details in the jacket, but there are lots of textures on it which is interesting to look at it and draw it. Then, we turn the jacket inside out, to look really close to the lining. I like the lining because it gets curve stitch and the texture looks heavy but actually it's smooth. I use charcoal and rubber to draw the lining, and use fine pen to draw the curve stitch to balance it. After that, we use different medias to draw four textures on the paper, and to cut the shapes with that to collage a new jacket. To balance the page is really important, I take elements from these jacket to fill out the rest of the page, and I learn how to use different media to create a feeling on that page, either happy or sad. 

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