2017.09.19: 2 Reflection questions

  • How does observational drawing/mash making inform the design process?
  • Timed exercises are important to the creative/design process, why?     

From these two days projects, observational drawing and mash making becomes really important to the design process. When we started to do this, we were requested to use as much medias as we could, and also to use different hands to do drawing. It will make you to think about how to work with different medias, and how to balance the pages. For example, we are drawing the body and the shapes on it, we might use different medias like a fine pen or a charcoal to draw different parts, and think how they might work. In addition, the way that we do observational drawing is to give a briefly outline, maybe just the silhouette of the whole collection. In the design process, mash making can also create textures to inform it. Time exercises are also important to the design process. First of all, it limits the time to force you to work faster, and give more reflections on what you see. Secondly, there will be lots of parts going at the same time in the creative process, it is important to know what you want to focus on, or what you want to achieve. After that, there will be more time to go to the next design process, and also to give a clear direction on what you want to do next.

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