"Your Data"

  • One Day Project

Everyone has some objects that could represent themselves, and it could be really cherished. Our one day projects, "Your Data", we each describe why the objects are meaningful to us, and we are divided into groups to make a big structure with using the objects. Then, we give quick drawing on what we install. I am obsessed with how we use different media to draw it, and give a different feelings on the structure. Moreover, we use material like tape, yarn, plastic, etc to create different textures. From those lines and shapes, I can see how I do collage on the body from it. It gives a feeling of bizarreness but also smoothy. When we finish drawing, we make a view to find textures from it, and we need to redraw it to create a pattern. That really helps me to understand about how random drawing to create textures, not just a simple line. After that, we make pattern by using different materials on the transparent plastic sheet, and project the texture on the mannequin. It really directly shows how you can manipulate the texture to make into print, or for example, what part you want it on the dresses.  

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