• First day of the school

I feel a little bit panic in the morning today because I just meet my classmates and teachers, but soon I feel less stressed after I make some new friends. In the afternoon, We were grouped by teachers, I feel better and excited because of the group project. 

-Describe the research process & its importance for generating original ideas

-How could your written reflection feed back into & strengthen your research process?

-How could working in a team enable the generation of original concepts?

Research process is definitely an essential process to me that to have my own private source to start a project. When the topic is given, it needs to be analyzed, and to brainstorm different ideas as much as possible but sticks to the topic. After that, do the research on each of these ideas in more detail to get deeper thoughts. To generate these ideas, doing research is like to build a construction. It gives you a clear thinking to explain the ideas, once those ideas are formed, it created connections between each other. It is important that to keep a clear mind to do the research for generating original ideas. During the research process, to keep up with writing reflection will give you different aspect to present different thoughts. There will be always new thoughts on one idea, no matter that is negative or positive. Therefore, to record reflection is important to help you get one's ideas into shape. Then, the ideas of research can go deeper to be discussed. Once the ideas are matured, reflection feed back will strengthen your research process. A team work is good to create original ideas because it's not about one's thoughts, in a group, there will be more conflicts to create and problem to solve, and finally merges the thoughts together to come up with new concepts. Sometimes, it is better to take other people's feedback than just isolates to itself. That's because people's thoughts are always effected by the things that they like or inspired by in the daily life, and that's not original. Consequently, It's important to work with other people that could always give feedback or criticism, that will force you to thinking outside the box. 


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