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Image source(http://slideplayer.com.br/slide/352036/2/images/78/Nam+June+Paik+%E2%80%93+1991+%E2%80%93+King+Rameses.jpg)

Nam June Paik 
"The King Rameses" 1991 
This is an artwork which combines sculpture and moving imagery. I have researched this artwork because the metal part of it is made using elements from technical equipment. Also I have found interesting that artist has build in TV screens into it giving still object sense of movement. 
This artwork appears to me like it has been taken out from different age. Also, it looks to me like it can be an important piece of operational system in theoretical environment. This made me think about taking mortherboard from electronic device such as phone, change the way it will operate the device and output the image on the screen in a weird way. However, it is too complicated to do and requires a lot of in depth research. So I may take calculator and try to change settings of it.

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