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"The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness" Erich Fromm 
It is a phycological book which talks about why people are being aggressive.
"Hailed as an ""original and far-reaching contribution"" to psychoanalytic theory and social thought, this is Fromm's ambitious and rather complicated rebuttal of Lorenz' innate aggressive instinct, built upon an amended version of the Freudian dichotomy between Eros and Thanatos." (https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/erich-fromm-6/the-anatomy-of-human-destructiveness/)
It is valuable for my research and project because it gave me an understanding that part of peoples' nature is aggression. This thought became part of my concept contributing to the direction of my experimentation. I started to destroy things rather than assemble.
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This paragraph talks about aggression towards defence as well as it talks about the lust of cruelty. And this is what attracted my attention. I thought that all pollution that people cause and possible apocalypse caused by that can not be stopped due to the human nature. So, I thought that if I will get satisfaction from creating destruction in my own work may cause apocalyptic outcome. 

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