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Naomi Wanjiku Gakunga
Mugogo- The Crossing 
Mixed Media 
178 x 127 cm

 In this work artist has used old cans which are covered in rust and created some sort of 3D painting without frame. It reminds me of fishing net because of the metal wire which has been used to tie the cans together. I like that these cans are covered in rust because it makes the whole work to look old and unusual. 
 After observing this work I thought about also using cans but I thought that I can cut them and arrange them in sculpture made out from mixed media. However, I do not have access to metal workshop, so I would be limited in what I can do out of them.

Image source: http://africanah.org/naomi-wanjiku-gakunga-kenya/

The Girls Dance, 2015

"Her works are predominantly wall-hanging sculptures ingeniously created from tin cans, steel wire and oxidised sheet metal. Galvanised sheet metal, known in Swahili as mabati, is used mainly for roofing materials and walls. The material is particularly associated with the Mabati Womens Group and their empowering community housing projects of the ‘60s.Gakunga observed the success of their efforts, the harvesting of water from the new roofs and the consequent ageing of the material itself. Mirroring these weathering effects in her own artistic process, she deliberately saturates rolls of sheet metal in water, a process that oxidises the submerged surfaces, occasionally adding dyes to create different colours and other more complex effects. The delicate transformations etched in metal by the corrosive effects of water, chance and time, emphasise an ethereal, transient beauty. Another significant material found in these works is fibre or string.Gakunga continues to use string and ribbons as primary materials within her work, acknowledging the contemporary in her usage of fine grade metal wires." (Courtesy October Gallery London). (http://africanah.org/naomi-wanjiku-gakunga-kenya/)

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