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          "Lost futures: The Disappearing Architecture of Post-War Britain"
           Owen Hopkins 

"Rebuilding the Britain after World War II and though the post-austerity decades of the 1960s and 1970s enabled architecture to embody a vision of a better future-both social and technological"
"This book documents thirty-five buildings dating from 1945 to 1979, all of them significant both architecturally and though the ideas they represented. Most have been either demolished or fundamentally altered; the rest face imminent demolition or alternation." (From the book description)

This book relates to my research because it examines architecture which have been built in Britain after WWII. The war by itself was some sort of apocalypse for many countries and decay caused by this event was some sort of post-apocalyptic scenes. For this project the starting point was post-apocalyptic concept. 
Also, because I am more interested not in the decay but in how environments changes during it this book shows life example of this. 
brrn1FTaGcE.jpg  J87XijbkxB8 2.jpg
(Photographs from the book) 
These buildings appear to be abandoned and foreign. 

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