26th July Wednesday

  • I been to the California design freedom exhibition in the design museum and visited Tate modern museum.
  • In the morning I was trying to find elements from artist’s and designer’s works which could fit in my themes. Later on, I just start to realize that this might create misunderstanding about the original meanings. This behave also could link to my theme (editing). for instance, sometimes I just like a journalist who select information from mass of data. During the selection I am putting my own view or point into the news I will write.
  • The most interest thing I saw today is a group of blind people in Tate Modern. It has touched me deeply to see how these people feel art, especially when they came into a section that only have drawings. There is a tour guide who basically just describing the colour and elements in one drawing. Maybe the ‘words version’ of drawing could give us more information to imagine than glance at it. It remains me the drawing session in last month. 

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