Today I started playing around different techniques and methods of manipulating fabric and trying to keep up as well as create volumes and extreme shapes.i have referred to my visit to the V&A where i saw the Balenciga exhibition. Mr. Balenciaga's great understanding of shapes and balancing of space has really stayed in my mind so i tried to reflect that within my draping today. I started of by shaping small samples and gradually moving towards something more significant and substantial inters of Garment construction and foundation. I found it hard ro sustain that massive amount of fabric as well as to keep it up that is why i tried another approach. Gradually i figured out that i had to fold the fabric in the shape os semi triangle interns to sustain that airy lively condone of the shape, that had a grate remarkable look reminding of the 18th century's blouses with were all about volume and huge amount of fabric.

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