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This is the first time I'm able to explore navigate my own brief, which i found really restorative. At the beginning I was extremely stringed. Along I started appreciating what actually goes to producing a brief and baking it up with appropriate contextual informed references. I think that was my main concern and significant concern how I would sustainably filter information and categorize the material to make sense and continually sustain order. However over the course of the few days I had to refine the brief I was able to explore more and more diverse aorist witch in fact helped me develop and clear my idea of a concept and really identify the most significant segment and highlight it, such as the element of dominance and men in power controlling women in the 18th century for example Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour,

While doing the timetable I found it extremely useful to realize that I would be able to sustain my interest and research throughout the project in terms of completion because I visited, spoke to primary resources that really triggered my interest in the discussion and helped me develop conceptually.

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