11th August

I had a print induction of how to screen print onto material using the paint and equipment in the print room. I was shown a new method of screen-printing that included exposing the print onto the silk screen. I was fascinated by this technique because it was an easier and more efficient way of transferring a sequence of prints onto material without having to keep cutting out the print. I knew that I was going to definitely use this technique because for this project I wanted to cover a large piece of material with my print design.


After the induction, I covered a third of white cotton material with my print that I cut out. I thought that I could do continuous prints with two stencils but I was informed that I can’t because the paper will rip so I wanted to see how many prints I could get out of one stencil and the answer was three, however by the second stencil the paint mixed which was not what I wanted to happen. But, at least I could physically witness this and now I know for next time.

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