10th August

Today, my main focus was on the mannequin and thinking of my prints in a three-dimensional way. I had to think of ways I can manipulate and transform my prints so that it would look like a piece of sculpture on the body.


In the Time Warp project, we did a workshop where we were drawing with scissors. This technique is when you look at existing shapes from your drawings and cut them out of a big piece of paper in order to put onto the body. My theme is looking under the microscope so I cut out shapes from existing drawings and pictures. Firstly, I started off cutting the shapes out and then I started placing them onto a mannequin to see if it would conjure up design ideas. I would place the shapes on a mannequin, take a picture and then move it into another design.


After this I wanted to see what the materials would look like with a piece of material so I started to place it on top of draped calico. The idea was to see the shapes three-dimensional and see if this idea would work. Honestly, I am not entirely sure if this technique was successful so I will have to create some fashion illustration drawings.

© Abimbola Akande, all rights reserved


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