9th August

Today we had contextual studies and we were mainly focused on materials that we all will like to be using in our projects. We had to bring in two materials so I brought in a piece of white cotton material and blue leatherette material.


They wanted us to look deeply into our objects analyse the physical aspects of our materials. Firstly we had to think about the physical properties of the material. I held it in my hands and picked out the features that I could see. I had to think about how it was made and constructed. Also, I had to think about its value and what use I can get out of the object. Is it cheap? Can I use it for a long time? Will it deteriorate? This method was a new aspect of looking at my materials because usually when I want to analyse a material I research about it instead of using this method.


After this we had to look at the cultural interpretation. To help me with this exercise I had to think about the cultural stereotypes that are usually associated with these objects. I wrote down what the objects mean to me and how they are used in a particular culture. For example, one of the materials was leatherette, so I talked about how leather is stereotypically associated with cowboys.


After doing this exercise I realised that I need to keep exploring the materials I want to use because I am not entirely sure if these ones will be my final choice.

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