26th July

To gain more research I visited the Science Museum, Natural History Museum and the Tate Modern. This was very useful because I was able to see current exhibitions and what artists are creating.

Firstly I went to the Science Museum, which was more focused on the technology aspect to science. Honestly, I didn’t find it very interesting because all the artefacts didn’t really relate to my theme. However, I did find some examples of textures and materials that could be useful for my themes.

The second museum I visited was the Natural History Museum. This was very helpful because I saw different types of decomposition through rocks, crystals shells and more. I was able to see different textures that can help me develop ideas for surface designs.

The last museum I went to was Tate Modern to see the Giacometti exhibition. I found this exhibition very simple and boring. This was due to the fact that most of the artworks looked exactly the same and I wasn’t interested in the type of materials the artist used.

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