25th July

We were shown a powerpoint presentation on how artists are influenced by the politics. We were shown examples of artworks that are politically motivated in order to convey a story or message. It was very intriguing to see the impact the world around us has and how it can influence our thoughts and actions.

After this I began to think about examples that my three themes could be related to political, cultural or current affairs.


For my first theme ‘Beauty from Decay’ I thought about an example of the First World War. I remembered how after the First World War erupted the land and ground was destroyed but amongst all the destruction were bright red poppies growing. This led me to think about one of my research references is the ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’, which is 888,246 ceramic poppies decorated around the Tower of London to commemorate the soldiers who died in the First World War.


For the next theme of ‘Natural Forms’ flowers. I began to think about flowers and their meanings to the Japanese culture. I researched into the Japanese language of flowers called “Hanakotoba” which focuses on the physical features of a flower. Then finally for my last theme “Social Identity” I looked at Antoine Geiger, photographers who takes pictures of people looking at their phones and digitally edits themselves so that it looks like the person’s face is morphing into the phone.

This task was very useful because I was able to see the connection between art and world current affairs and how they influence artists. Also, I had a tutorial where I presented my themes. During the tutorial I received feedback on which artists to research that was very helpful when it came to researching my themes.

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