Brigitte Picavet

Brigitte Picavet is a textiles artist who recycles trash and combines it with mixed media in order to create textured and detailed paintings. She loves to recycle and this is showcased in her work where she collects and gathers disposables that are seen as useless and invaluable. She converts something impractical into luxury through creating art pieces that convey a luxury world of flowers and nature. Her work gives trash a new meaning and connotation giving the viewer another perspective.


Picavet’s work related to two of my themes Decay and Natural Forms. Objects and items expire but we are able to control or lengthen its serviceable dates. When I first saw her work (before reading what it was about) I thought her textiles piece was very beautiful and I love the use of mixed media in her work because it made it look three-dimensional. Although her work is free it gives off an elegant essence that makes it look calm and relaxing.

© Abimbola Akande, all rights reserved


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