Britta Marakett-Labba, 10th August 2017

Historja (2003-07)


  • Historja is a 23.45 meter long embroidery piece that tell the mythology of a particular group of people called Sami people that live in Norway, Sweden, Finland and some parts in Russia.

Historja 3.jpg Historja 4.jpg

  • What I liked the most of this piece is how the artist had incorporated print techniques with the stitchings.
  • I thought that it was a smart way to fill up shapes as it is much faster than if the artist decided rot fill up the space using stitch thread. Even with print, the quality of the tapestry is still very good.
  • I would like to possibly also add print into my outcome for certain areas as I feel it would help with completing my outcome faster.



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