The V&A Museum, 26th July 2017


The Boar and Bear Hunt.jpg

The tapestries displayed in the V&A was also quite interesting. I came across a small group in the museum and the guide was having a discussion on The Boar and Bear Hunt Tapestry, and how tapestries were used for both decorative and practical purposes.

The imagery shown is about a hunt that occurred during this time. But what interested me the most about the discussion was on the accuracy of the depictions the hunt. Such as, whether or not the hunters, who were also noblemen, wore their luxurious clothing to hunt, or if women as elegantly dressed as those on the tapestry really did accompany the men to hunt. It was deduced that the imagery of a hunt in that time could have been slightly exaggerated to make the tapestry more visually appealing, because they were displayed to decorate a room.

But, the thought of the factual recording of the narrative within the tapestry being tampered with reminded me of how information is sometimes concealed by the government and not everything is given to the public.



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