Research- Narrative, 23rd July 2017


Whenever I think of the lyrics of The Queen and The Soldier, I always get the sensation of the setting of this narrative being in the Medieval Era of Kings and Queens and Knights.

IMG_4834.JPG IMG_4835.JPG

^ Images of Castle in Swanage, England.

In that era, Kings and Queens are situated in castles, and I would like to design a castle for the story. I remember that I have taken photographs of castle ruins in Swanage and Said Andrews, Scotland. Each of the saddle layouts are very different but are quite spares.  At the moment, I think that I am still a little lost on how I could design a castle based on these images as the layout is vague.

Castle.JPG.2 IMG_1362.JPG.2 IMG_1357.JPG.1

^ Images of Castle in Saint Andrew, Scotland.


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