28th July 2017

Coming up with Composition

With the mindset of creating a tapestry,I had though of some rough compositional layouts for the imagery for the outcome. 

20641573_1613471265350226_729228079_o.jpg 20623484_1613471185350234_1895071325_o.jpg

  • The key characters that I have in mind for the tapestry is the presence of the Queen, the Soldier, the battlefield and the castle.
  • Here I am experimenting will giving each image present a symbolic meaning. Such as, giving the queen a not so literal image, rather perhaps symbolising her as something demonic, making her look evil/ unsafe. 
  • I am unsure at the moment if I want the soldier to be wearing a helmet or not, because I want him to represent the people that are under the queens rule, and I am wondering if wearing a helmet makes the character unrelatable.

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