24th July 2017


Today for my researching on my different themes, I could\n't help but feel a little confused, annoyed and stuck. This is because on Friday, we all were asked to come up with three ideas over the weekend for before Monday. So over the weekend, I cam up with my three themes, the problem was, I also came up with what outcomes I will have on those themes. 

Today, when I found out that we did not need to have an ideal outcome yet, I found that I was smuggling a bit with expanding on my research because my ideas kept going back to creating the outcome thatI had thought of over the weekend, it was very annoying. I think that the reason why I kept thinking about my ideal outcome was because I was scared of letting that idea go, because if I let it go, that means that I won't know what to do.

But this week is all about exploring possibilities and ideas, so if I want to expand my skills and ideas, I need to let go of my current ideas, because if I research without and final outcome ideas in my head, I might come up with something unexpected and new even.

For now, I will be researching on anything that I find interesting, such as Stop Motion, or character designing, maybe even sculptures, and come up with a brief summary for my ideas.

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