What have I done today:

  1. Contextual practice 
  2. Testing new material


  • Contextual Practice:

Understanding the materials in different areas:

  1. Physical properties
  2. Cultural interpretation
  3. Sustainability/lifecycle
  4. Effect to my project

Materials that I choose to analyse:

  1. Plastic PVC washing line
  2. Plastic tube

I have more basic understanding of my chosen materials and also considering the sustainability of them. I am interested in up-cycled materials so this section somehow gives me a formate of how to record a material. I think the most difficult part of this practice is to identify how is the material made.

  • Experiment with plastic tube

I am curious about using the same banding skill on plastic tube. Therefore I cut the plastic tube into several fragments. I then used rubber band to tie the tube but I was not satisfied with the fold part because it was too thick and the tube was too thick as well. Considering the cost of plastic tube I prefer the gardening wire which I purchased from pound land. What's more, I am looking for a material that is sharp and the tube just not the material I am looking for.


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