• Toilet brush
  • Textile sample combing with the brush banding skill
  • Timetable for this week and weekend

I think the timetable suits my workload pretty much and I do think this timetable is reasonable.

I found inspiration from the toilet brush. I was looking for materials have sharp, prickly texture then I found the stick up material from these toilet brush. Gathering a clump of plastic stripes then arrange them into different dense to create a prickly sense of touching. I think this skill looks a bit like weaving in some way then I started to make some samples. The first one was made by plastic PVC washing line i cut them into the same length and stabled them with rubber band I think it looks well but is not sharp enough and also to heavy to make the sample stick up. Then I tried gardening wires using the same technique. I found this much better than the former one because I want to achieve thorny effect represent the over-closed interpersonal distance.


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