How have you found the experience of developing your own proposal so far?

I feel this is a good experience of ding wide range research. I think this is unforeseen at the beginning exploring three themes then I end up with ‘Distance’ which is totally different to those three.

What have you found most difficult and why?

I think the most difficult part so far is narrow the theme. I spend two weeks to make the theme more specific which was a headache for me. Because I started with Fine Art discipline to brainstorming myself which is a bit irrelevant to my discipline. Then I need to think about the relevance to textile design what specific thing I want to explore by making textile design work.

What aspect of the project are you most concerned about and what will you do to overcome this?

This is my first time trying to make installation with textile design. Thus I need to experiment with making models creating a hollow silhouette with 3D materials also I desire to explore various materials and finding the treatment to those materials. I think the big problem is the time management I will focus on textile design more because this is my discipline and my future BA course. So making a efficient time table for each week and ensure the workload meets the deadline.

Are you confident that your theme is suitable for this long and important project?

I am quite confident to this theme. Because I need to find many research from various specialisms in order to inform the theme with more depth. Also I think this theme got a lot of things for me to explore like the choice of using materials, experimenting with model making and setting myself several tasks to push the primary research further.

When you mapped you project (using the context spider diagram ) what areas were the most full and which were hard to fill—why do you think this is?

Except for historical and political context other parts were full with wide range of research.

I think consequence is fair because I need to find more artists and my own experience to make this idea of my theme achievable and practitioners are important to gain my knowledge of technical skills of treating materials. 


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