The tutorial went well the tutor pointed out the same thing that I am concerned about—the project for companionship was too wide.Thus I re-define what I want to do for the project and editing my project brief doing the second draft afterwards.

Instead of the former project title ’Companionship’,I assume that ‘Distance’ suits the project theme better. My project theme is identifying the comfortable distance between individuals. I need to set up several task about defining distance so far I think drawing negative spaces between people, testing the comfortable distances in different relationships, making survey to gather information of individuals thoughts about the comforted distances to others.

As now I set up the key word for my concept,I need to focus on contextual practice mainly about anthropology,psychology and philosophy, explaining interpersonal distance area and also artist research of different specialism to inform the concept with more depth. Also I need to find textile design for this project while now I am over focusing on other disciplines.


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