I am trying to defining what I want to do and how did those ideas and research lead to the final project title. Then I make a note to clear my mind better.

Atta Kim's photography research led to existentialism, which emphasises the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determing their own development through acts of their will. Then I think of the companionship which is a bit different with independent. Thus I did some research about child poverty and left-behind children who are lacking of the physical companionship with their family. I am curious of this kind of emotion needed does companionship really matters to everyone? In this case, the companionship gives me a new word of distance. What's the proper length for distance that satisfied us within different relationships?

Why do we feel emotional and physical safety when we are not alone? Is connection and love are basic needed for all human? I will need to do more research in order to find the answers to these questions. I think may be from philosophy and psychology would be helpful. I need to catch one key word to develop it further otherwise the child poverty and left-behind children topic is too big and wide. I have so elements to focusing which is not I want. 

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