11th August 2017

Today we all have to compete an outcome for the project. The outcome can be a sample, a design or a maquette but it has to be relevant to our project. I decided to make barbed wire myself. Before I had purchased prop barbed wire  on eBay, and thought it was too fake and wanted to make one using real metal wire. I bought three kinds of wire with different diameters from the shop. I decided to a small piece so I got the hang of how it is done. Twisting wire is a difficult task, as I have to grip the end of the two pieces of wire firmly and then twist with hand. The thickest wire is impossible to twist as it's too hard to bend it. The second one worked just fine. Then I coiled the barbs on the wire using jewellery wire, which is the thinnest one. eventually I made two pieces of scale-down sample of barbed wire. I am concerned about making it in its actual size. First of all I need to find the kind of wire that is long enough (20m at least) and at the same time being thin enough (no more than 1mm diameter). It could be quite hard to find. My initial idea was to carry the barbed wire out on the street and take photographs of it being placed in different surroundings. Now it concerns me that using these self-made barbed wire may not have the effect that I have been expecting. They are not as visually striking as real ones doe to the difference in diameter and length. Yet self-made barbed wire can be applied to some video performative experiments, where I could experiment with the power dynamic between barbed wire and individuals. For example, the act of constructing barbed wire and deconstructing it. It occurred to me that making barbed wire is much easier than trying to deconstruct it. Could this have allusions to human nature as a whole? In which we always tend to seek for the easiest way to solve a problem.


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