3rd August 2017

After my visit to Lisson gallery, I became increasingly interested in the use of barbed wire as a visual representation of barriers. Inspired by Serra's work, I began to look for artists that used barbed wire in their work, such as Kendell gears and Melvin edwards, they both use razor wire to create sculptures. Personally, I wanted to use barbed wire as a prop in performances. Inspired by China's Avant-garde artists I think performance is a powerful and strong language to express political thoughts and to challenge social norms in society. I believe that the connections between personal experience and larger social and political structures can be established through performance art.

I have researched the theory The Personal As Political and was influenced by it. According to the essay written by Carol Hanisch, the term means coming to a personal realization of how grim the situation is. Although the term was first said and wide spread by feminists, I think it applies to every individual no matter of their genders. It inspires people  to be politically active in the issues that affected their lives.

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