15th June 2017


Both me and Bimbim came up with some new idea based on the sketches and experiments yesterday. I am thinking of making or distorting a series of daily products into objects that would not function anymore with the concept of 'making functional items not functioning'. And Bimbim had a idea of attaching the heels and buckles as decoration according to the concept of 'making object that looks not working into a  functional object'. We decided to do both of them and we went to buy the materials so we could start experimenting in the afternoon.


After the tutorial, we found that I need to come  up with a solution of bring this two ideas together in a series of objects that links together. I found that we can use the prints and yellow colour as connection between different objects and I think I still need more research on different artists.




 We started doing different experiment using different objects in the 3D workshop. This is my first time using the heat gun, I was amazed by the speed that the plastic can be heated and reshape. When the plastic become soft, it is quite easy and flexible to create different shapes. In my opinions, it is a lot more convenient that heating the plastic up in the heat oven. Apart from tat, I start spraying on yellow paint onto the objects that I have just deformed and distorted in the print room and for me I was quite fun to make these models using different machinery that I have never been used. 

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