21 June 2017

Finally, it is the 3D workshop induction for group 1. We have learned how to use different machines in the workshop and have a try to use some of them. I prefer the 3D workshop more than the stitching workshop as the I have been using those machine before which seems more familiar to me. 

I have used the band saw to cut different curves on a piece of MDF. I tried to cut it leaving a small edge to the drawn lines, this ensure I would not cut into the MDF too much which I could then sand it down carefully.


It was my first time to a bobbin machine, it seems quite similar to the sanding disc. However, when I was using it I found it quite difficult to control and over sanded the MDF. Checking the progress of sanding is needed frequently to provide mistake.



Beside that, we also had a go of using the strip heater to bend a piece acrylic.


FullSizeRender 2.jpg

In the afternoon, I started making the quick model for project The Place in the 3D workshop using the machine. This design is based on the usual children educational toy which help them to learn and recognized, at the same time the different shape could be used as stopper to stop the water from the fountain. 



Photo of process of making the model


IMG_3753 2.JPG

This final image of the model

The MDF there would represent the thermoplastic and no drill and joint is needed for the actual thing because it can mould into one single component.  In order to improve my model, more research about materials and manufacturing method could be done.

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