Reflection 14th June 2017

This is the first day of Foundation Plus and we have started our first project - Self Portrait. I have been taking photos around the school in the afternoon. I found it quite difficult because photography is always not my thing. I have taken some photos expressing the emotion of nervous and loneliness and some others about absence. After gathering the commons and suggestions from tutors and other classmates, I would improve my works by planning more in sketchbook and retake some photos again. 



Within this photo, I need to remove the unnecessary elements within the photos that don't relate to my theme and emotion, for example the door and the pipes above me.



In this photo the orange chair and the yellow strip on my coat standout from the background and the chair but I do think I need to considerate how's this chair is related to my coat and what do I want to express.



The motion of putting the hood up suggests that I am escaping from reality and refusing to accept the truth. Based on the suggestions from the class, I would need to retake the photo without the tapes on the concrete wall which would disturb the focus of the photo.


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