Final Feedback

The feedback I received from my final crit was fairly positive - my peers really liked my illustrations; said they stood out and the incorporation of the moss added a different level of interest. They suggested to perhaps consider ways that the audience could interact with the piece to prolong its interest; perhaps the moss can be added to via illustration or writing. Seen as my idea is based around the fact that we can replace what we destroy this might be an interesting concept to explore, however I don't know how realistic or feasible it would be. They, as well as my tutor, also suggested to reconsider the design of the font - the word 'second' and the smaller curly font wasn't very readable, which was something I was already concerned with after I printed it. My tutor also suggested making it bigger and filling the entire space with illustration rather than just a portion - I appreciate this opinion and think his comments are fair but am not entirely sure I would like it as much in this way - If I have time I may produce an illustration and play around with how it would look on a larger scale.

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