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I spoke to my tutor Olly today regarding my idea so far and got some really positive feedback; he liked the design bar a few of the typography elements which he suggested redesigning to make more legible - he confused some of the lettering in the oval so I will obviously have to redo this. He also suggested making it into a screen print layering the green and black separately and said this would look nice as big as possible.


I begun by separating the layers digitally in Photoshop so I have the green text ready. Tomorrow I will have to redraw elements of the flowery illustrations and the typography and make this digital for Thursday morning so that I can go to Archway and print Thursday and Friday. Hopefully this will be enough time for me to finish my project for hand in on Monday. I've really enjoyed the design element of this brief and being able to be illustrative and playful without having to think too heavily about the meaning or design implications etc. and am excited to introduce printmaking to it.

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