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I did some further research into the idea behind my work; looking into sustainability within the work place and some statistics surrounding the use of paper and paper cups which seems to be one of the most wasteful aspects within a design agency - the waste and use of paper. Obviously a design agency needs to use a lot of paper but is there a way of encouraging people to reduce the amount of paper we use or to at least consider it. I found the statistic "1 tree is cut down every second to make paper" and have been working around this. I really want to stick to an illustrative style and when I spoke to a friend she suggested I just continue to explore this idea with a few more experiments. As I've discussed I would like to incorporate real moss or a type of plant wall within the constrictions of the words 'let me grow' (as can be seen above in my illustration). This week I'd like to experiment either growing this or collecting moss and designing it in a similar way to present as an example -  hopefully this'll give my work more context and the audience will begin to understand the reasoning behind my work. I want to incorporate a growing material to represent the fact that despite the use of paper we can continue to grow and replace the trees and habitats we destroy in order to make paper.

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