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A few more ideas that have come to mind after having done some further research into some of the least sustainable companies and uses of materials is to look at the effects of fabric dying and the material wastage of fabric companies. I fount out that textile companies leave one of the world's largest water footprints on the planet; using a ratio of 30:1, water:dye, and that dye houses dump wastewater into local rivers making groundwater undrinkable and farmland ruined. I have been thinking about how I could identify this and create something memorable for use in a textiles company to encourage them to think about their water wastage and act upon it - it is possible to dye textiles using a much lower ratio of water to dye companies just haven't acted on it.

The largest sustainability problem in creative companies and offices in general is the use of paper. I found a stat that said "1 tree is cut down every second to make paper' - this really shocked me and I think if I were to be reminded of this every day on my way into work it would make me think about the amount of paper I used. Inspired by the "grow" moss piece by Anna Garforth I like the idea of incorporating a plant wall piece that says "let me grow" below the above statistic or looking into how I get people to reduce their use of paper coffee cups somehow; perhaps above a coffee machine??

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