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Some of the main stuff that stood out to me in the lecture this morning was the moss type by Anna Garforth - this really encouraged me to think about materials as well as how I could incorporate typeface and illustration within my work. I would like to look into deforestation, the effects of habitat loss as well as the reasons behind it.

To kick start our project we visited the British Museum. We were told to make some drawings of anything that inspired us, considering sustainability, the way artists/historians have collected and created things and form. I went to the African section of the museum and found some really interesting stuff. Below you can see some of my rough drawings and the thought process behind some ideas. There were a few projects that incorporated  recycled materials such as bottle caps, shells, old printing blocks, gun metal etc. I was also interested in a carved wood piece that reminded me of corrugated card - I thought using this as a material for my piece could be quite interesting, or considering the uses of this type of card - recycled coffee cups. The aboriginal art made me think a lot about pattern work and how I can introduce an illustrative quality to my work.

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