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Having had this idea, I then made it into a prototype as quickly as I could just so that I could have something visual to explain what I would be describing in class the next day. The idea I showed was is below where I printed out a variety of The Corner's print work (knowing that they would be the agency I use), as well as then layering on top 'Your Work Leaves A Mark'. For now the design of all of that is just completely basic and to give some slight idea of what it will be made of work wise. Where I need to consider what work it will be, the copy that will be overlaid on it and how that it will be done. 


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This then made me move onto a different stage of the project; one more heavily concentrating on experimentation and testing rather than research. Although I will still need to make considered decisions throughout the rest of this work. What I needed to do the most at this point was to brainstorm everything that I needed to do and to research or test before getting to my final piece for the project. To do this I really quickly (whilst my pasta was boiling) wrote down everything I could think of that was not decided for my project already and anything that could pretty much go wrong to then ensure that the rest of the project was successful and that my final presentation was effective for the idea that I had.


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