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Even with this structure and guide, as well as having done extensive research and simply trying to think of mediums that would reflect the idea, I was stuck. I could not think of anything that would work or that I felt confident in presenting to the interim crit as a prototype, and I had that crit the next day. And to make things worse, I had just been emailed that I was to be fined seventy five pounds because of having put two small posters up in my room at halls. Seventy-five pounds! Shit. The reasoning for this extortionate fine was because the blue-tack that I used had left damage to the walls, which consisted of about twenty small dots of the blue-tack's remains, where I later learnt that paint sucks in the oil from blue-tack to give this stain. I also found that most of the residents within my building were also being fined for this, where within my small cluster of six flatmates we were being fined two hundred pounds alone. And considering the halls houses almost five hundred students; they are making a killing from this (if people pay them that is, as we are all challenging these damages and the prices). Rant over. However, what it did lead me to as I was moaning out loud about the fine, was the idea of the blue-tack leaving a mark on the wall, and how the posters that I had put up on the wall had left that mark. And a beautiful and somewhat obvious idea hit me. What if I put up the work of the creative agency on their wall using the same pesky oily blue-tack, and wrote a message on top of the work to get the creatives thinking about the responsibility of their work; to then later take that down and leave the oily stain telling them to make that mark a positive one. To make a positive impact. It was perfect. So I got to working on a really quick and rough prototype to show the next day, which would at least help me to talk through my idea to the class.


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