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Knowing what I needed to do, but not how to do it was my issue. Where I wanted the medium and the communication to be well considered. And here is one of the ways I intend on doing this. I found the series of articles by chance as I was trying to see how designers persuade people to behave in a certain way, or to at least change their behaviour. To make them act. This article not only highlighted how it could be done but gave lots of detail into how to do it, in only a few steps. What I found quite interesting about the article is that it is in fact aimed at informing web designers how to create an engaging website; and yet these principles work well for any kind of design where my project will be bettered because of finding this, even if I already knew most of these ideas and tips, having it in writing in such a simple and sensible way makes my life much easier. There are certain elements of this article which I will use much more for my project and many of these parts are the things that I would not necessarily consider, such as the idea of an unexpected element, and how that will get attention and hold attention rather than making something that may be very clear but common and thus become wallpaper. Making my work have a story and be emotional will also create a deeper connection between it and the workers in the creative agency, and considering this in the next week as I develop my idea will definitely guide me somewhat to how I might phrase the copy of the work and how 


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