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As well as this idea of the scratch-card material and the previous research, I began to look at how some wall pieces effect me in my everyday life, and just to see what others had done in my own environment rather than famous pieces of work. I wanted to do this so I could see what it was I was missing and what it was that I was trying to gain in doing the project, or rather what it was I was hoping others would gain. What I have always found interesting with the wall type within my gym in London is the fact that although I could tell you they are there, I couldn't tell you what they said at all. They have literally just become wallpaper. And I think it is because of the dullness and flatness of the work, where they have only really been put there because the gym felt they needed to rather than finding something really engaging and something the designer gave a shit about. Ironically, my project is trying to direct these designers (possibly as well as clients) to giving a shit about what they make and do. However, the two examples within my daily life below were useful to look at in terms of the content of them, where I am both wanting to inspire and inform in some ways within my wall piece. From all of the reading and research and ideas I had come up with, I then also decided to write everything down almost as a personal reference and archive to look back at throughout the project. This can be seen on the top right page. 

What was really really helpful that I did today, was to basically sum up everything that I want to gain from the work, and the effect that I want the work to have on creatives, and to then also write down everything that is in the way of me doing this. It has not only helped me to clarify what I am thinking to others, but also to set almost a checklist of what I now need to do and how I am going to do it. What has also massively structured and helped my project is the discovery of an article on making ideas STICK, which is a breakdown of how to design a communicative piece of work that will stay in the mind of the viewer and will make them change or act upon that idea. The article itself and the main points that I wanted to take from it can be seen in the next section below.


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