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I needed to start finding how others had already used wall pieces and art to convey an idea, whatever the subject, as my problem now was trying to realise my message. I started looking, from the advice of a tutor in the studio, at Stefan Sagmeister's Deitch Project, Banana Wall. It reads 'Self-confidence produces fine results'. Other than the scale of the wall and the mass of bananas, it may seem silly. However, what made this piece of work so interesting was the fact that after a few days the bananas all went brown as they became older, which meant the message blended into nothing, until a few days later than that, the message reappeared as the firstly yellow bananas turned a different shade altogether. Although I do not necessarily understand the connection between the bananas and the quote, I do think that the consideration of how the message was to be communicated in an unexpected way deserves some admiration (but did the bananas all go to waste?!). Having started to look at Sagmesiter, I then recalled a piece of work he talked about when speaking at the D&AD Festival on beauty. The work was a wall piece covering the walls of an underpass which was once avoided and mistreated, where the city needed it cleaning up. What Sagmesiter did was simple. He hired artists to paint the walls, and make the underpass beautiful. The results of this simple piece of work is what has drawn me to include this into my project; where successfully, the underpass began to be used much more and mistreated much less. But due to the message of YES on the walls illustrated in a beautiful way, people started to have wedding photos taken there! What was once a piss-riddled underpass became a shoot location for love. Again, these are just references that I want to consider and look back on when trying to ideate for my own project. The series of pieces of work also seen below are all the same, where the medium of the work and visuals all coincide with what is trying to be communicated, and thus have all become successful and many renowned pieces of work. I need to find a way to cleverly tell my message. I need to create the unexpected but with a connection to the creatives, that will make them think about and hopefully change their work for the better.


  5a5510dd384237a35e6b9e800bcf518d.jpg yes-image-5.jpg 8a861e0cdbd6822c944dd2278e7e6ad2.jpg

 CQ6dSbtXAAAQ2n6.jpg 20150704_330_441.jpg The Socialist Fraternal Kiss between Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker 1979 2.jpg SistineChapel-57ffd66e5f9b5805c2ac4916.jpg

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