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Having done quite a lot of quick primary research for the project, which gave me the insight, problem and understanding of the project for me to then act on. But what I now needed to do was to go back through the brief and properly learn about and look into the fundamental ideas of the brief such as the 3-legged stool and greenwashing, or even Andrew Hall's essay. We had been introduced to some of these phrases and various bits of sustainability jargon in the briefing, but I wanted to properly understand them as I felt it would give me a solid and broad foundation to then research something more precise and detailed from concerning the subject. Having looked at the stool diagram, I realise I have always seen sustainability as something to do only with the environmental leg rather than all three; where I think it could be interesting to look more into the other two when trying to make the creatives aware and engage with this subject. Greenwashing is also something I had never heard of apart from at a talk at the D&AD Festival from Thomas Kolster, where the opinion on greenwashing was very different to most of the articles I have found here when researching. This is again something I think I am going to look further into as it could lead me to an interesting viewpoint; which seeing as he worked in a creative agency could prove to be more insightful than what is generally out there on the internet. I am also aware of his work to do with doing good in design and advertising, where he has written a book and started a movement called Goodvertising, which I think could be key to my ideas and how I wish to communicate to the agency.


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As just mentioned, I have attended a talk from Thomas Kolster at the D&AD Festival which was on his idea of Goodvertising and how designers need to consider the environment, sustainability, society and doing good within their work. The talk itself give me valuable insight as well as inspiration into his thinking and is something I am certain I want to incorporate into this project, where I might jump on the back of Goodvertising and use its thinking (which I agree with), to fuel my project and to give reason for why and how designers can change their attitudes and behaviours with their work. Below can be seen various different platforms of which I have researched further into this idea, where what I have noticed is in addition to the brief, is the idea of bringing in a positive impact to people and society more than just the wicked problem of the environment, although it could be argued that they all link and circle back to each other. Where having read and researched from this, I am going to extend the problem to all of the areas covered in Goodvertising, and encouraging creatives to better their work in this way rather than just what the brief states. What was really useful to also see within this part of my research were the examples of what he had classed as Goodvertising, and how he was showing that people are already acting upon these problems, and showing the positive impacts of that work. This was really good for me to see as it is what I want the creatives and agencies to be aiming for when I am communicating to them from the wall piece. SO MY BIGGEST PROBLEM THAT NEEDS TO BE RESEARCHED AND THOUGHT THROUGH IS HOW I CAN CONVEY THIS MESSAGE TO THEM. I think to be able to do this I should read more of the Goodvertising book to see his thinking more, as well as his discussions about how this can be done and the power of it being done. Kolster is basically the message that I want to convey, and he has already done my project  subject wise, but he has done it in the form of talking to people in large conventions and through his book, so my challenge is to see how with the physical restrictions and limitations I have, how can I create something as engaging and persuasive as a person themselves?


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