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After yesterday, where I managed to get some idea of the direction I wanted to go down for this project, I now thought it relevant to go and research more creative agencies than I knew, and to ask them first hand about their behaviours towards the environment as creatives and as a creative practice as a whole. To do this Joe and I walked the streets of London from agency to agency, asking for any spare time they may have to explain our project and chat to them. We knew we would be asked a lot to book an appointment or send an email first, but we were going to go to as many as possible, trying to catch someone who could fit us in to their day. And it worked. We managed to speak to several creatives or team members from several different agencies and we began to see how they considered sustainability in the workplace and in there work. We managed to speak to individuals at Mr. President, The Corner and managed to speak to the Head of Security of BBH as we got swiftly kicked out of their top offices (which we found we were not meant to be in). What I was interested in asking, was seeing how they tried to incorporate sustainability and consideration for the environment and doing good into their actual work rather than just their lives, whilst Joe was more looking into the design studios' practices around recycling and waste. We both asked balanced questions and came back with a lot more insight into how our project should be aimed, and what needed tackling than if we had not gone at all. We may also be having a proper conversation with Mr. President about the project later in the week if they have time to fit it in as they were every interested in the project for their studios. We also spoke to the ECD of Google Creative Lab about our project, where as can be seen below he liked the ideas and our insight, but could not help us any further than that.


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